Pamela Shattuck

The staff is wonderful and motivating at Escape. If you are looking for a great workout in a friendly environment, you have found the best place! My muscles were the leanest they have ever been when I attended twice a week and incorporated in with my existing workout routine. I highly recommend Escape Pilates.

Martha Ryan

Escape Pilates studio is a great venue for Bristin and her staff to take us through their/our routine. I have learned so much from them and gained strength in my core muscles. It is about strength and balance for me and they provide the guidance, expertise and individual attention that makes this a very special place.

Diane Elias

I've taken Pilates classes all across the country and I have to say that Escape Pilates has all the others beat. The teachers are experienced and really well educated. The atmosphere is very pleasant. They stick to the Pilates principles and don't veer off into any potentially dangerous variations (which happens often other places). I find the prices very reasonable, the class sizes nice and small. The private sessions have been really personally geared to my experience level - stretching me just enough out of my comfort zone. This is the place to get a wonderful workout. One really does see results. It is good for any age, and, because of Bristin's degree in Kinesiology, they are able to work with all sorts of physical impairments. My arm, back and knee problems are 99% better. Try it, you'll like it!!!!! Do something good for yourself for the New Year. Get healthy and strong in a pleasant environment.

Alicia Ward

I've been going to Escape Pilates for over 2 years and I love it! The instructors are very knowledgeable and help you to achieve the best results possible. By going even once or twice a week, in conjunction with cardio, I have toned up and leaned out. I'd recommend Escape Pilates to anyone :)

Kathleen Levine

I LOVE Escape Pilates! It is the perfect combination for me coupled with running. the stretching and strengthening are the best on the reformer. the instructors are very well trained and know their stuff! they adapt the workouts to fit everyone...i have issues with my neck, so they guide me through exercises keeping that in mind. i used to lift weights at a gym, but i quit once i started at Escape because it is much more enjoyable, and the workout is better. give it a try!!!

Sue Anthony

Escape Pilates has been an amazing find. Briston and Ornela are awesome. They're extremely knowledgeable, friendly and attentive, even in group classes. I've referred friends here and the intro class is free for everyone. It's a great location and they offer classes 6 days a week.


Pilates is great for back pain sufferers such as myself. Not only did it help reduce/eliminate my back pain, I'm way more flexible now. The reformer has helped sculpt and strengthen so I feel leaner and longer, something I don't get from weight training or cardio.


Thanks Ladies!


Escape is a great pilates workout. The instructors are the best, and they mix up the workout so it's different every session ... Such a nice and quaint studio. You'll love it!

Nancy Brown

Love this studio! The instructors are great, the class routines are always changing. They are never boring and I can't believe how pilates is changing my body. I highly recommend Escape Pilates!!

Brooke Ueberroth

Speaking as a Pilates fanatic, Bristan and her team at Escape Pilates are just awesome. The studio is a serene haven in a great location just off 17th across from Staples and the old location of Mother's Market. Each instructor is a great coach, pushing their clients to work hard while making sure that each exercise is performed in good form. The studio itself is a serene haven - I swear my head feels clearer and more relaxed after each session. Clear mind, strong and lean muscles, and a plethora of class times to sign up for online - I could not recommend Escape more highly.

Jen Young

Small, clean and quaint studio. Pilates on the reformer. The instructors are young, fun and break up their routines to give you the best results. If you hate the gym or need a change, try this! You will never do a class with more than 4 girls! Love, love, love my pilates!

Lori Dexter

I've done Pilates for years and have been to dozens of studios, but I struggled to find one that was a good fit when I moved to Costa Mesa. I am so thankful to have discovered Escape Pilates which has small classes and knowledgeable instructors. It feels like a private lesson even during group classes. Briston, the owner, is warm and helpful, and she offers a slew of classes. An awesome find for Pilates addicts!

Niku Patel

This place has transformed my body! I love the instructors and they offer a variety of different times that fit with my schedule. The instructors really take the time to work with you and push you just enough for you to see results. I highly recommend this place to everyone, especially since the first class is free!

Ashley Jacques

I love love love "Escape Pilates"! I think it's important to get many different workouts but pilates on the reformers with someone to coach me along the way is such a great workout and one of my favorites. I always feel so rejuvinated after. The instructors at Escape are amazing and really motivate me! Plus I love the location and the studio itself has a great feeling. Thanks!!

Lauren Holbrook

I've tried a lot of different workouts but Escape Pilates reformer class is definitely the best! I've never felt results like i did from Escape Pilates Studio. Its a great studio too, very relaxing and all the instructors are really nice and work really well with everyone's different needs, (not intimidating at all like some studios and gyms). Try it and you'll LOVE IT!