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Group Reformer Class

$30.00 Group Reformer Class

$140.00 Series of 5 Group Reformer Class

$250.00 Series of 10 Group Reformer Class

$400.00 Series of 20 Group Reformer Class

$215.00/month 3 Month unlimited w/Automatic Debit (3 consecutive month commitment)

$235.00 1 Month Unlimited

$575.00 3 Month Unlimited

$1,000.00 6 Month Unlimited

$1,500.00 1 year unlimited

Semi-Private Session (2-3 People)

$40.00 Semi-Private Session

$190.00 Series of 5 Semi-Private Session

$350.00 Series of 10 Semi-Private Session

$600.00 Series of 20 Semi-Private Session

Private Session

*$40 private introduction (one time only)

$70.00 Private Session

$340.00 Series of 5 Private Session

$650.00 Series of 10 Private Session

$1200.00 Series of 20 Private Session

*All Classes are 50 minutes
**prices are subject to change at anytime without notice
***All purchases and packages are final.


  • Escape Pilates has a 12 hour cancellation policy. Failure to comply will result in a charge for the price of the session missed.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and leave your shoes at the door when you arrive
  • Reservations for all classes are required.
  • Please turn your cell phone off for the duration of your session.
  • New clients please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to your first session to fill out the new client paperwork.

Clients on unlimited packages must have a credit card on file at the studio and sign the additional cancellation policy form at the studio that states a $20.00 late cancellation fee will be applied to any sessions cancelled after the 12 hour mark.


Sessions utilize the reformer, cadillac and wunda chair and are available all day upon appointment. Please call 949-903-1103 to schedule a private or semi-private session.


All of our classes are full body workouts on the Pilates reformer. They incorporate coordinated breath and movement with a huge emphasis on the body’s core muscles (deep muscle layers that lie close to the spine and provide structural support). Strength, flexibility, and endurance are achieved as the natural curves of the spine are restored. One is left feeling serene, invigorated and self aware.

*Schedule and Instructors are subject to change at anytime.


This is a beginner level class and is intended for clients with no or minimal experience on the reformer. The fundamentals of Pilates are introduced on the reformer and more beginning level exercises are taught.


This class is intended for clients with experience on the reformer. We incorporate more intermediate-advanced exercises into the full body workout. A minimum of 10 sessions on the reformer is recommended before joining this class.